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by Jilly Ballistic

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by Louise McRae

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Ol’ Dirty Spaceship

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Science in America

Science is foundational to America’s success in the world and will be central to any future not marked by the collapse of civilization and ecosystems. Yet we now have an administration that believes evolution should be taught as a theory … Continue reading

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by Jen Stark

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Big respect to all the women protesting today and to whoever put up this statue of the Defiant Girl staring down the Wall Street Bull. ✊️ #ADayWithoutWomen #OccupyWallStreet #TheResistance #ResistTrump #ows #nyc A post shared by Monty McKeever (@montymckeever) on … Continue reading

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I done been painted! Thank you @tatjana_krizmanic_march_arts !! Much respect. ✊️⚛️☸️1️⃣ #theresistance #nobannowall #lovetrumpshate #nyc A post shared by Monty McKeever (@montymckeever) on Feb 17, 2017 at 7:04pm PST

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Defend the Water Protectors

The Sioux are an ancient tribe but are on the cutting edge of the Water Wars that are coming for us all. The marginalized are the Avant Garde of 21st Century Destabilization and Chaos. Be not confused: No Flesh and … Continue reading

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