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In The End

Yesterday I went to a memorial service at Saint John the Divine for a legendary Tibetologist. It was very sad and inspiring. He was a great man. Then I drank scotch with my mom and after that I went to … Continue reading

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where babies come from

WARNING: If blade damage, don’t be fly, otherwise it will create the human body *but Dinosaurs Handed Down Their Fingers to Birds

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Stop Being Greedy

Blog I posted today at work, Buddhist charities and not-for-profits “Dana (“giving”) is the most fundamental of all Buddhist practices. It is the first topic in the Buddha’s graduated talks, the first step on the bodhisattva’s path to perfection, and … Continue reading

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Cheap Spy Novel>The Indian Media

Blog I posted today at work, Last Monday, when I came to work, I was very sad to learn that the monastery of Ogyen Trinley Dorje, a young lama recognized as the 17th Karmapa, was raided by Indian police. A … Continue reading

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80 ton rhino

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You Are An Eye

Since you have perceived the dust of forms, perceive the wind that moves them; since you have perceived the foam, perceive the ocean of Creative Energy. Come, perceive it, for in you insight is all that matters; the rest in … Continue reading

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“I said, wiseman don’t play the role of a fool, The first thing a man must obtain is twelve jewels: Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding to help you achieve Freedom, Justice, Equality—Food, Clothing, and Shelter. After this, Love, Peace, and Happiness.” The … Continue reading

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Crazy Wisdom

If it was not for this man I would have never been born…

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Le Queloune

Dominique Pinon is a master.

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Little Joe.

When the Vidyadhara met Little Joe, he said he was the first enlightened North American he ever met.

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