The Ultimate Weapon

Well, it’s another heart breaking day in America. While I agree with those that want to see more common sense gun laws that keep weapons of of the hands of sociopaths, the root issue regarding school shootings really isn’t guns. The issue is that we are culture in which levels of empathy are steadily decreasing. A 2010 University of Michigan study showed that college aged kids today are 40% less empathic than those tested 30 years ago. The defining characteristic of a sociopath is a total lack of empathy. Lacking empathy is an unnatural occurence, usually brought about by severe trauma. Why, as a culture, are people becoming less empathic? What is traumatising people on such a mass scale? Maniac mass murderers may be the extreme manifestation, but don’t think for a second that the forces that create them are not permeating throughout our entire society, affecting all of us. Cultivate compassion for all beings, endlessly and fearlessly. That is ultimate weapon against the madness of this age.

Avalokiteshvara (via HAR)

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