Guard your mind.

There is a man out there named Gene. During the Sandy Hook school shooting Gene sheltered six children in his home and later gave an emotional TV interview about the day’s events. Within a week of experiencing this unimaginable tragedy, Gene began receiving death threats because “Sandy Hook Truthers,” operating with the usual “truther” level of journalistic integrity and accuracy, misidentified him as another man of the same name who is a different age, lives in a different place, and is part of the Screen Actors Guild, which they try to say is proof Sandy Hook was a hoax performed by actors.

This is insane and has gone too far. What’s worse is that it isn’t even uncommon, these “truther” videos get millions upon millions of hits and there are entire alternative media outlets that spew out this toxic trash 24/7. They are profiteers of a cultural, intellectual, and psychological sickness.

It’s not just Gene, there are websites with whole sections dedicated to harassing these grieving families. A line has been crossed. Participating in this nonsense is utterly deplorable.

I believe it is of the utmost importance that people challenge and question corporate media and the global plutocracy that influences it, for countless crimes have been committed in the past that have either been glossed over or straight up covered up, but at this point “truther” culture has mutated into its own sick cult that routinely overlooks established facts while clinging to its self-perpetuating false narratives. This mutation is dangerous, and the only solution I see is for those who have been infected to completely renounce it, humble and educate themselves, and attempt to be activists of truth that abide by MUCH higher standards (the scientific method, thorough and well trained journalism practices, etc.)

If you have not developed your own critical thought and analysis to the point where you can tell if you are being lied to or manipulated, you have no place telling other people they are being manipulated or lied to.

Reality is infinitely complex and often quite ambiguous. This should not be feared. Seeking truth is a noble act, but like many of the noblest endeavors it is not an easy one. To cut through the layers of reality and discover an unseen truth of a situation requires a great deal of discipline and perceptivity, and anyone who tries to make it easy for you should be approached with a well guarded open mind. If you get sucked in by the wrong person you may end up harassing a tragedy victim like an asshole or running around with a death squad hacking people up with machetes. It has happened before and it will happen again.

Study. Practice. Guard your mind.


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