Bourbon Meditation

I have long been a believer that New York is what you make it. This is not one city but hundreds, built all around and overlapping each other, separated by both seen and unseen barriers. Living in Williamsburg I hear I am surrounded by hipsters and idiots, but that seems an insecure exaggeration as I mostly see the Old Cool and hard working here. I hear New York is full of assholes and snobs, but most people I know are humble and kind. In an alleged ocean of insanity I mostly witness insight and brilliance. BUT THEN, every once in a while, usually after an intense work week of masochistic robot work ethic kamikaze shit, I slip out of my regular dimension and am like HOW IS THIS NARCISSISTIC BARBARIANISM NORMAL AND ACCEPTABLE?! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?! WHERE DID YOU ALL COME FROM?! HOW DID THE UNIVERSE EVEN ALLOW YOU TO EVOLVE? Then I chill.


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