Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

Getting out of work just now I walked into one of the most intense and passionate protests I’ve ever seen.
Thousands of people marching in Union Square with their hands up, chanting “hands up, don’t shoot.” The rage in the air is palpable. People are pissed and rightly so. We are over policed by bloated and militarized bureaucracies that are overstaffed, undertrained, undereducated, and routinely arrogant and dismissive of true justice, perpetually empowered and unchecked by a culture of fear and inequality. To those on the wrong side of institutional racism assault, death, and imprisonment are constantly lurking around the corner. There should be far fewer cops, and the ones we do have should be impeccably trained peace keeping warriors, not moronic bully talk radio goons with god or Napoleon complexes like so many that are plaguing police forces across the nation and giving good cops a bad name. Everything police do should be recorded on shoulder cameras and be made available for public review. The wars on drugs and terror are shams, and all that military grade hardware that has flooded police departments across the country as a result of them should be melted down for solar panels and shared bicycles or something. Police departments should have their budgets stripped and rerouted to public education and infrastructure projects. The only thing police are really needed for is quick and effective 911 response times and thorough investigations of serious crimes, so pretty much anything else is a waste of money and energy which would be better spent on bettering society via education and economic opportunity, which are the only things that really stop crime anyway.

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