Some of Ashoka’s work there:
Message from Liberia: Send help now (Al Jazeera)
Sierra Leone capital resembles ghost town amid Ebola lockdown (Washington Post)
‘We Are Laying Down Like Dogs’: The Long Wait For Ebola Treatment in Liberia (Vice)
Why Don’t West Africans Believe Ebola Is Real? (Vice)
Ebola outbreak highlights Liberia’s crisis of development policy (African Arguments)

To Live and Die with Ebola in Liberia (Africa is a Country)

Unicef: Stop the Spread of Ebola in West Africa: Your Gift Matched
Smore: Help Liberia Overcome Ebola
Direct Relief: 2014 West Africa Ebola Outbreak

Update 10/14:
It looks like he is going to be ok! Still, please help.

He posted the following yesterday:

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