Long Live Analog

The new D’Angelo album and sounds like vinyl on an iPod. It really is as good as people say.

It seems like every few years an album like this comes out, whether it be something this genuinely soulful or something this ear-drippingly analog crunchy, and I feel like it should spark some revolutionary return to “real music” or whatever, but it never does. It’s probably because producing music like this is simply so much harder and more labor intensive. You can literally hear the lack of shortcuts on this album. It’s like all the years of every single person involved painstakingly mastering their craft shines through.

There’s nothing wrong with more modern high-tech digital recording. Some of my favorite music was recorded in ProTools or wherever, but whenever something like this D’Angelo record comes out it does make me wish more musicians and producers out there were busting out the big ol’ rolls of tape and dusty-ass analog dinosaur machines.

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