Net Neutrality

My newest post for ANIMAL, on the potentially tide-turning news this week in the BATTLE FOR THE INTERNET. This stuff is a really big deal. The decision the FCC will make later this month will directly affect all our lives for decades to come.

Also, I feel like ‪#‎NetNeutrality‬ is one of those subjects where a lot of people know about it, but many don’t fully understand it or grasp how much is at stake. Thus, I did my best to try to provide some relatable background and to frame it all in an understandable way.

Lastly, as someone who has been campaigning for net neutrality for a long while now, this is another one of those cases that demonstrates that activism and civic engagement actually does pay off. It’s like the New York fracking ban all over again. The FCC chairman acknowledged that pressure from the public and the millions of public comments that were submitted played a role in shaping the stance he has taken. Cynicism be damned.

The fight isn’t over, but the news this week is definitely a solid roundhouse to the faces of all the lobbyists that want to turn the internet into an expensive and inequality-plagued corporate shit show.

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