Defend the Water Protectors

The Sioux are an ancient tribe but are on the cutting edge of the Water Wars that are coming for us all. The marginalized are the Avant Garde of 21st Century Destabilization and Chaos.
Be not confused: No Flesh and Blood Person is safe from the False Personhood of the Corporate Locust. It is only a matter time. A matter of whether you will align yourself with a mindless shapeless beast to scramble for its scraps, or with your fellow humans to fight for The Future.

There is no Middle.

Compromise is something humans do with each other. There is no compromise with a faceless planet consuming zombie. Healthy cells do not cooperate with cancer.

Capitalism has served many great purposes, but is unsustainable. Fossil Fuels have powered the world, but are unsustainable. These are systems we are all a part of and are all responsible for. None of us are innocent.
If we don’t embrace new isms and fuels, the rope will run out. The end is already in sight. The Noble Sioux are already there, hanging from a final thread.

Defend the Water Protectors. Defend Humanity. Defend the Future.

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