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“Imagine a blind turtle, roaming the depths of an ocean the size of the universe. Up above floats a wooden ring, tossed to and fro on the waves. Every hundred years the turtle comes, once, to the surface. To be … Continue reading

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One Mind

Beautiful video: I recognized the soundtrack as also being the source of this beat: I recommend dropping the volume on the landscape video and watching it with the Canibus track instead. It works perfectly.

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The Airman’s Earth

“Never in all their history have men been able truly to conceive of the world as one: a single sphere, a globe, having the qualities of a globe, a round earth in which all the directions eventually meet, in which … Continue reading

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Respect Your Mother

“Cut down the forest of desires, not the forest of trees.” -The Buddha

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Like A Planet

“To survive, our minds must taste redwood, and agate, octopi, bat, and in the bat’s mouth, insect. It’s hard to think like a planet, but we’ve got to try.” -James Bertolino art: Eder Muniz

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Compassion and Emptiness

“According to Buddhism, ignorance of the empty nature of self and the rejection of compassion is the root cause of egotism, anger, attachment, and greed. Ignorance is why human beings have degraded the environment and are driving so many species … Continue reading

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